May's Story

University graduate May married young and dreamt of pursuing post-graduate studies.
After marriage, her husband would not allow her to study and became increasingly controlling.

“He insisted that my pay goes into his account right from the beginning,” she says.

Over time, May’s husband’s behaviours became steadily more coercive and physically abusive. After the birth of her two young children, Cherry and Timon, she felt even more trapped in the relationship.

Matters reached a terrifying climax when May’s husband brutally assaulted her after an argument. May was able to escape through a window and collapsed in the street. Fortunately, a passerby found her and called emergency services.

After a lengthy hospitalisation, May returned home. She needed to take action to protect her young children, but she also knew that by leaving her dangerous home situation, she and her children would face homelessness.

“It was really hard. I had no friends or family here for support at that time,” she says.

May approached the police for help, and she was then referred to Windermere.

We worked with May, Cherry and Timon to provide practical and emotional supports so they could be safer and avoid poverty and homelessness.

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Tragically, as a result of their experiences, May and Cherry both had severe trauma. We organised immediate counselling and access to vital support groups so they could start healing. We also linked May to legal support to resolve her complex financial and legal difficulties. 

Today, May and her children are safe and slowly re-establishing their lives free from violence.

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Sadly, the decision between violence and homelessness is all too common. Families who have escaped dangerous situations still face the difficulty of starting over, in many cases, with nothing to their names. We are asking you to help us make the holidays happy for families doing it tough.

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