Family Violence & Sexual Assault Counselling

Counselling support to help healing and recovery

You can access confidential local counselling services to support you in managing and recovering from trauma or difficulties that have arisen following sexual assault, sexual violence or family violence.

Our therapeutic counselling services provide up to six sessions of support, so you can:

  • understand your emotions and thoughts
  • recognise your triggers and reactions
  • problem solve and seek solutions within your community and networks
  • take steps toward recovery and healing
  • live your life with less distress and anxiety.

Who is family violence and sexual assault counselling for?

Our counselling services can help you if you are experiencing or have experienced family violence or sexual assault. We also work with children who are displaying sexualised behaviours.

Our confidential counselling support is offered to all victims of family violence and/or sexual assault, regardless of your sex or gender identity.

Although we sometimes work together with parents and children in sessions, our focus is on meeting the needs of each individual. This means we offer individual sessions to adults and children rather than family group counselling. Our aim is to provide you with the individualised support best suited to you in a local, safe and caring environment.

Our professional counsellors can use a variety of counselling approaches which are tailored to age and individual needs.

How can family violence and sexual assault counselling help me?

Highly distressing events or one off incidents can have an ongoing effect on your mental health and wellbeing. Trauma counselling with a trained professional can assist you to process your emotions and thoughts around your experiences. This enables you to reduce the feeling of being so overwhelmed and unable to cope with what has happened to you.

What is trauma-informed care?

We know that trauma can have an enormous impact on your emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. We help you to heal while supporting your particular needs and sensitivities that you may have due to your past experiences. This is called trauma-informed care and it means we will work with you to provide you with the support that is most appropriate for you.

What is strength-based counselling?

Our counsellors use a strengths-based framework. This means we work with you so you can recognise and build on your best qualities and inner resourcefulness. It’s all about supporting you to live your best life, rather than worrying about things you might find challenging or dwelling on your weaknesses.

Support through group programs

We also offer a range of group support programs that may help with your recovery. These groups meet regularly to discuss your personal experiences, problems and strategies for coping with your challenges. Find more information about our group programs


Our Counselling services are funded, so there is no cost to you.


To be eligible for counselling services, you must reside in the catchment areas of City of Greater Dandenong, City of Casey, and Cardinia Shire.

How to refer or access family violence and sexual assault counselling support

You can self-refer or be referred to our trauma counselling services by another party.

To access this service or to find out more, contact the friendly Counselling Intake team.

Urgent Crisis Support

We are available during business hours. If it is an emergency, call 000, or if you need urgent support, you can access a range of after-hours services here.

Enquire below or phone 1300 946 337 to speak to the team.

eg. 04xxxxxxxx or 03xxxxxxxx

Need an interpreter?

If you require an interpreter, we can arrange for one to be provided.

Compliments & Complaints

We like receiving feedback about our services because it helps us improve what we do.

Whether you would like to pay us a compliment or make a complaint we encourage you to tell us what's on your mind.

Feedback to Windermere

I understand that every child is individual with different strengths and different ways of learning, By recognising and understanding each child and what it is that they love and how best they learn, I can provide them with the best experiences that help them to reach their full potential in all developmental areas. I love doing it.

Sandra, Windermere Early Childhood Educator - Melbourne

(After the Healthy Women Healthy Relationships course) I am on the lookout now - next time I am in a relationship, I will be able to recognise the signs of domestic violence and I won’t let myself get stuck in that sort of position again.

Program Participant - Melbourne