Everyone is someone in our community

Windermere is an independent, not for profit community service organisation working across Victoria including key regional locations, to help those who need it most. Established in 1992, our aim remains constant; to build stronger, connected and supported communities.

Working together with our community, we deliver many services through critical partnerships with government to meet our purpose.

We aim to get in early to help children, families and individuals find the best solutions for their varied and complex issues.

Our support comes in many forms with a focus on intervention, prevention and education to make a difference in the areas of:

  1. Family Wellbeing by promoting positive behavioural changes, providing parenting supports and responding to violence and/or neglect to achieve safety and stability
  2. Disability Support by providing assistance to identify the right supports and goals that matter most to enable people of all abilities to actively participate in their communities
  3. Development & Early Childhood Education by delivering accredited quality early childhood and care services and specialist early intervention services to help children reach their full potential  
  4. Victims Assistance by providing timely and ongoing practical and emotional support for victims of trauma, assault and/or violent crime
  5. Community Strengthening by mobilising support services to respond quickly to emergencies, disasters and emergent needs.

We believe that everyone is someone in our community and that is reflected in our approach with those we work with everyday.

Windermere is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people.


The amazing opportunity I got coming into the Windermere house and the 100% that I put into the program, has given me and my son a roof over our head and a second chance at a normal life.

Resident, Mums & Bubs Program - Melbourne