Single mum Ava is a strong advocate for her children. She is unwavering
in her resolution to do what’s best for them every day.
Sadly, the challenges are mounting and she fears for their futures.


Her children Nadia, age 16 and Jayden, age 13 both have ADHD and Autism.

Without support, their lives are a constant struggle at school and home.


This tax time, will you help children like Nadia and Jayden secure a future they deserve?


With our support Ava gained access to a medical professional to secure a diagnosis for Nadia and herself. Along with Jayden’s diagnosis already in place, Ava could apply for NDIS and access vital supports for Jayden to help him manage his daily life and explore suitable Work Ready programs for Nadia.

“I would not have been able to effectively navigate everything alone,” says Ava.

There are many others like Ava, Nadia and Jayden struggling to emerge from complex challenges.

What will happen to young people like Nadia and Jayden if they had nowhere to turn for support?

Your donation means life saving supports for:


Families who are struggling to obtain everyday essentials and are on the brink of homelessness.

Those trapped by financial and other pressures in neglectful, abusive and violent relationships.

People living with disabilities who are isolated and vulnerable.

Help us give young people like Nadia and Jayden hope for a brighter future.


$100 can provide basic, everyday
essentials to a vulnerable family.

$500 can help marginalised youth
gain access to community activities.

$1,000 can allow traumatised children
to receive critical specialist support

$2,500 can allow traumatised families
to receive a range of specialist supports.

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