Whatever Your NDIS Plan, We’re Here To Help

Managing the funds of your NDIS plan can be complicated, stressful and time consuming. Luckily you can choose to have a dedicated Plan Manager from Windermere do it for you.

It’s a great way to get personalised support and more choice, while making the management of your NDIS plan easier and less time consuming. Your Plan Manager will take care of all the financial aspects of your plan so that you have more time to get on with the important things, like living your life.

How it all works


Book a chat with us to discuss your plan.


Work with your dedicated Plan Manager to make the most of your plan.


Keep track of your spending with regular updates on how your money is being spent.


We ensure that all payments are paid correctly and on time.


You sit back and relax, knowing that your financial admin is well taken care of.

What Is Plan Management?

Think of Plan Management as like having an accountant for your NDIS plan. Rather than you dealing with the stress of finances, a dedicated Plan Manager takes care of all your day-to-day administration. You retain full control while letting us deal with the nitty gritty. And just so you know, Plan Management is sometimes also known as a Financial Intermediary.


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Choosing The Right Plan Managers

There are a lot of different Plan Management providers and so the question is why choose Windermere?

Well, we’re one of the best Plan Management providers in Melbourne and Gippsland. Unlike many providers, we give you a dedicated Plan Manager who will get to know you and work with you on a one on one basis.

We’re local experts who know the ins and outs of the NDIS. We break everything down in simple, easy to understand language and keep you up-to-date every step of the way. You get full control over your plan, without any of the stress or hassle.

How Much Does Plan Management Cost?

The beauty of Plan Management is that it’s already included in your NDIS plan. You can choose to have Windermere manage your plan without any additional costs. All you have to do is remember to specifically ask for Plan Management (or a Financial Intermediary) at your NDIS planning meeting.

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Find The Approach That Works For You

You can manage your NDIS plan in a variety of different ways and you don’t have to choose Plan Management. In fact there are four different options:

  • Plan Management
  • NDIA (Agency) Managed Plans
  • Self-Managed Plans
  • A combination of all three

You can learn more about these different approaches here. Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice, but it is important to choose the best approach for your situation. We can assist with your decision and we’re here to help whichever you choose.

“It’s just such a relief to have someone we can trust to manage Cameron’s plan. It means we have time to spend with the family. We also have faith we can employ our service providers as the system works with Windermere and all of Cameron’s providers get paid.”

 “If you are time poor or don’t want to manage budgets then plan management is fantastic."

Jenine (Cameron's mum)

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