Posted on: 26/07/2018

5 things to know before your NDIS planning meeting

We know there are lots of people who have questions about the NDIS planning process. Here are some of the things you should know before you go to your initial NDIS planning meeting.

1. You can take someone with you

In order to develop your NDIS Plan you will need to meet with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) or your Local Area Coordinator (LAC). They will inform you when and where to meet and you can request they come to your home.

You are able to bring someone else with you to your NDIS planning meeting, such as a trusted friend or family member or even a representative from your current service provider. You can also request an interpreter, should you need one.

2. Use notes and support documents

In order to maximise outcomes from your NDIS plan gather a range of evidence about the supports you require. This is to help you planner understand what your needs are and what supports you require to meet your every day activities.

The evidence may be school reports, medical assessments or diagnostic reports. Before you go to your planning meeting compile written records, documents or photos that provide an honest picture of your situation. To ensure you have a NDIS plan that best meets your needs, it is essential that the documentation provides a realistic and honest picture of your situation.

3. Know your goals and what is important to you

What are your top priorities over the next 12 months? What are your challenges? Try to be clear and realistic in your own mind about what you see as your most important goals and what supports you need to achieve them.

Windermere has developed a handy checklist that can help you get started, which is available here

4. A Support Coordinator can help you implement your plan

Once you have your NDIS plan approved you can choose to implement the plan yourself or use the services of a Support Coordinator to assist with your plan implementation. At Windermere we offer Support Coordination services which will assist you to access the most appropriate supports to meet your needs and achieve your goals. It’s important for you to indicate if you would like Support Coordination during the NDIS planning meeting, so that it can be included in your plan.

5. When you do receive NDIS plan, how do you want your plan to be managed?

Before your planning meeting you should have an idea about how you want to manage your funds once your NDIS plan is approved. You can choose to have your plan managed in a number of different ways:

NDIA (Agency) managed plans:

The NDIA will pay your support provider directly on your behalf. Your support provider will then make claims on the NDIS Portal for payments. All support providers must be NDIS registered so this may limit your choice of service providers.

Plan managed:

Under this type of plan you can chose any organisation registered with the NDIA to provide Plan Management. Your Plan Manager will pay each invoice from your service provider and be responsible for claiming these funds back from the NDIA.

Self managed plans:

Under a self-managed plan you are responsible for managing all finances yourself. Your service provider does not need to be registered with the NDIS, however they must still be professionally registered.

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