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Posted on: 19/12/2016

For John and Sarah Palmer* raising their daughter Cara* has been a challenging journey filled with much joy and anguish.

You see Cara has cerebral palsy, autism, is vision impaired, has low muscle tone, is epileptic and displays severe behavioural issues. Understandably at first the Palmer's were overwhelmed by their daughter's diagnosis. They had several questions, most of which appeared to have no clear answer.

  • What was the prognosis for Cara?
  • What caused Cara's disabilities?
  • What would her future be like and how would we cope as a family?

The Palmer's have had to make some really tough decisions, ones that have divided their family, but as Cara's parents they have had to in order to keep their family safe and together. 

"Having a child with special needs has forced us to acquire new skills and re-focus our lives. It has made us intentional parents who constantly think about how we can keep our daughter's needs from taking over our family.

"It has bought us closer together as a family, taught us the value of family and community, and helped us learn to cherish every little thing about our children".

After years of struggling to support Cara, the Palmer's were granted an individual support package and through Windermere used the funding for Cara to finally get necessary equipment and services to maintain her safety and maximise her independence. 

"Windermere worked tirelessly on the disability services register to ensure they understood not only Cara's needs, but the needs of our family as a whole."

The Palmer's are now receiving enough respite for Cara, to give them a break and some together time as husband and wife. To date the Palmer family continues to thrive, they are using their package in the best possible way that will benefit Cara, enabling her to be included in the community and to reach her goals.

"We can't thank Windermere enough for supporting us and Cara, we are so proud of Cara, her endurance and perseverance, and we are excited to see what she will accomplish next."

For more information about the NDIS and services we offer call one of the disability team on 1300 946 337 or enquire online.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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