Breaking cycles of homelessness

Our Mums & Bubs program continues to give young mothers at risk of homelessness a chance to build a safer, more stable life.

Currently, there are four young mothers and their babies living in short term accommodation at Strachan House, our Mums & Bubs home.

The young mums who are living in the house prepare weekly meals and participate in regular house meetings, fortnightly parenting and educational groups. These are all designed to prepare the mums to go on to secure their own homes and also build their parenting skills.

Once a week the mums and their babies also participate in sensory activity. These activities help build bonds between mother and child and also improve motor skills.

Demand for the Mum's & Bubs programs continues to be high, with over 40 formal referrals being received for the four-bedroom property over the last year. We currently have six young mums on our waitlist (as of March 2019).

To find out more about Windermere's Mums & Bubs program talk to the team on 1300 946 337, mail or visit the Mums & Bubs webpage.

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