Posted on: 09/06/2020

Brendan's NDIS journey


Brendan* is an energetic young man who loves exercising, wrestling and his family.

When he first began services with Windermere just six months ago, his family was concerned about him. He was largely disconnected from his community and was spending the majority of his time isolated in his bedroom, playing video games. His one regular, weekly outing was to the Salvation Army.

“He was home all the time. The only places he would go out to were the shops or the Salvos where he volunteers,” says mum Caroline.

When Brendan first graduated from school he went to work in a supported employment role for people with special needs.  “He just didn’t cope with all the social banter there, and we were getting phone calls all the time to pick him up because he was so upset, so in the end we took him out,” says Caroline.

After he finished up with his Supported Employer Brendan began a once a week volunteer role at the Salvation Army.

“He is lot happier with the Salvos. The group there are older and he feels a lot more comfortable with the social banter which is not so energetic,” says Caroline.

Brendan’s NDIS goals focus on him becoming more involved in his community and adopting healthy eating habits.

Windermere provided Support Coordination Services to Brendan to assist him to meet these goals.

This included matching Brendan with a support worker who met with him once a week to provide one on one support.

“At first he was reluctant to meet others but we were able to match him up with a male support worker,” says Evenjala, Windermere Support Coordinator.

The support worker and Brendan go on outings and do activities together.

“Larry has been great for him. He’s taken Brendan to the Dandenongs for a bushwalk and to the zoo. He loves going to do these things now,” says Caroline.

Brendan is gradually building confidence and enjoying new independence by even having limited times on outings by himself.

The two also cook together, as part of Brendan’s goal to adopt healthier eating habits. This has been supplemented by regular appointments from a dietician to learn about healthy eating habits and diet.

“He makes his own chips now and he’s figured out a few different meals that he really likes ,” says Caroline,

Following a recommendation from Brendan’s occupational therapist, Support Coordinator, Evanjela, organised for him to see an exercise physiologist on a weekly basis. These sessions expanded on Brendan’s interest in wrestling.

The exercise physiology classes are tailored to support Brendan’s muscle development and have the added bonus of fostering social interaction.

The sessions are like a workout and are held together with another NDIS participant. “Brendan just loves it,” says Caroline.

“He wasn’t prepared to do things, now he looks forward to going out.”

“He is happier, more chilled and not so up tight. That’s not to say it has not been a challenge. Sometimes he will refuse to go out, so we try and encourage him to do it without pushing him. We want him to enjoy it not dread it,” says Caroline.

In Brendan’s words, things are now “fine.”

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