Celebrating Cranbourne - Communities for Children

Posted on: 22/06/2016

In 2004 the Department of Social Services recognised that a whole community, not just a family, could be vulnerable and began to identify those areas most at risk. This was achieved by applying an index that measured housing availability and affordability, financial standing, educational attainment and rates of unemployment. Cranbourne was identified as one of the most disadvantaged communities in Casey.

Ten years later and Cranbourne has much to celebrate. In 2006 Government funding was provided to set up Communities for Children Cranbourne with Windermere leading the way through best practice by utilising the Facilitating Partner Model . The project targets families with children aged 12  and under. With wide reaching community consultation, early intervention programs were designed and run for priority areas of need such as literacy, parenting support, outreach information and referral, programs for those experiencing family violence and support for children to engage with school.

In 2016, Windermere works in active partnerships with local organisations, our Community Partners, who deliver services to families. Windermere provides assistance to these organisations with support regarding project governance, strategic planning and evidence based programs; that is programs shown to have positive and measureable outcomes. For example, are children at risk of disengagement now attending school? Are parents seeking help when a couple transitions to a family? Are families able to access literacy programs?

Issues and areas of priority are reviewed every two or four years and are informed by data from the Australian Census and the Australian Early Development Census. The community can have their say at consultations held at shopping centres, Family and Children’s Centres, schools, Monash Health and even at Bunnings. The information collected is then reviewed by a Committee made up of representatives from our Community Partners, other service providers, local, State and Federal government as well as parents and community representatives who are invited to provide information and support.

By working together, everyone involved in community development knows what every service provider is delivering and can refer families with children under 12 to the most appropriate provider.  

Cranbourne is a vibrant, culturally diverse, growing community welcoming new families every week who can access support for their family’s well-being.

All programs are delivered with no charge and are federally funded by the Department of Social Services.

For more information on Windermere’s community partner programs and events, visit Our Partners


 [TM1]SEIFA index doesn’t use FV stats.


 [TM2]We use a strength based approach. We don’t do sad.


 [TM3]FP model has always been required under the CfC model.


 [GD4]Began as 5 and under, now 12


 [GD5]These were all set up at the same time