Posted on: 21/02/2018

From despair to joy: Judith’s journey with Windermere

When mum Judith contacted Windermere she knew she needed support.  She was not coping as a mum and was struggling to be emotionally available for her family.

“I knew I needed parenting support but I wasn’t getting it,” she says. “Everything I tried didn’t seem to work.”

Windermere case worker Rachel, visited Judith in her own home and met her four children, who were all under five years of age.

She listened to the concerns of Judith and her husband Alan and put in place a range of supports for the family. 

This included the services of a psychologist and ongoing contact with Rachel. Throughout the process Rachel used Windermere’s person centred goal plan to ensure that outcomes were suited to Judith’s individual needs and situation.

Windermere also worked with Judith and Alan to enable them to develop new strategies to manage their children’s behaviours by attending the “123 Magic Parenting” program facilitated by Windermere’s Group Worker Coordinator, Kristy. This included a home visit by Kristy, to help the parents apply the strategies learnt in the workshop into their lives.

Judith says she was relieved that Windermere staff made her feel they were there to help rather than to judge her. Windermere provided multiple services to Judith in her time of need and ensured this was done in an integrated way and incorporated Family Services, Group program and Counselling services.

“Windermere really went above and beyond. I felt like my family was really taken care of. I could call Rachel at any time if I was having a bad day and she would always respond,” she says.

Today Judith feels her family is in a much more positive situation than she ever felt would be possible.

“I know I’m a better parent now. I sit down and talk to the kids when there is a problem instead of just flying off the handle,” she says.

Judith was referred to Windermere after she approached Child FIRST, a government run support service for families. “If you need support I would encourage you to call Child FIRST and ask to be referred to Windermere,” she says.  “Don’t be afraid to take action for yourself. If you can admit there is a problem then help is available.”

“Windermere has helped me to be more positive and open minded,” says Judith. “My case worker, Rachel, Windermere Counsellor Cath and Kristy were all so fantastic. The support both I and my partner Alan received has helped us a family to grow and open up to each other.”

Last December, Windermere was able to refer Judith and her family to a special invitation-only children’s Christmas event hosted by Myer.  “We cannot thank Windermere and Myer enough for the wonderful Christmas they gave us. A special thank you to Thilanka from Myer who was with us for the whole morning,” says Judith.

If you would like to know more or need assistance, please contact Windermere on: 1300 946 337 or or visit Child FIRST: