Posted on: 09/08/2019

How does your key worker help you?

What is a key worker?

Our key workers work with children under seven years old who have a developmental delay or disability. They coordinate the information and services your child needs so they can receive the best support possible.

“Key workers really streamline your services. If you have one primary worker, it saves you the confusion and potential stress of having a different person for every goal you want to achieve. It means you feel more in control and you and your child can also build a relationship with that one person who is there to support and understand your needs,” says Katrina Elenitsas, Windermere Early Childhood Intervention Family Practitioner.

What are some of the things a key worker does?

Your key worker is there to work with you to assist your child to build skills through their everyday routines and activities by:

1. Being the main point of contact with your family for your child’s learning and therapy needs.

2. Organising the services you receive from us and liaising with external services involved in your support. This might include schools, paediatricians and other specialists.

3. Providing you with information and resources that best support your needs.

How does your family benefit?

“It all comes down to having that one primary worker that can work with you in a way that best suits your family and your goals while focusing on your child’s strengths,” says Katrina.

Your key worker supports you to encourage your child’s active participation in everyday routines in their natural environments. It’s all about giving you choice and control on how to best support your child.

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