Integrating a special needs child successfully into long day care

Posted on: 04/03/2016

Eve was a premature baby and had a lot of health issues including trouble feeding resulting in delayed growth.  This meant having a peg fitted into Eve's tummy to ensure she received the correct amount of nutrients and kilojoules everyday which was closely monitored by a dietician.

When we first met Eve and her family, they where using a long day care service however, their GP referred them to Windermere.

When Eve first started, staff had to be trained how to feed Eve through her peg.  Luckily we had the support of a nurse who visited regularly ensure everything was going well.

Eve used to have three peg feeds per day, morning, lunch & evening. She now only has the morning and evening feeds and now eats lunch with the other children at the Centre which is a giant step forward.

Eve is also learning which foods she likes/doesn’t, different textures and is now more interested in meal times, observing other children eating.

We have regular communications with Eve's mum about her eating and fill in a communication book each day about the foods Eve has tried or eaten.

Since coming to Windermere's Early Learning Centre Eve has grown & developed considerably and is included in the same activities as all the other children.

Eve still regularly sees Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Paediatricians who monitor her growth and development however, Eve is a very happy and outgoing little girl who loves coming to the Early Learning Centre each day and seeing her friends.

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