Posted on: 10/06/2022

Meet Jodie, a paediatric dietitian with Windermere

With a background in professional surfing, Jodie has always been interested in maximising health and wellbeing.

Jodie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with qualifications in both nutrition and dietetics.  We caught up with her to learn more about her role and the support she can offer to families.

What inspired you to be a dietitian?

"As a young adult, I was lucky enough to be touring the world as a professional surfer. So I was always interested in what I could do to support my health and fitness. Then someone in my circle completely opened my eyes up to the benefits of changing her diet to a healthier one. She was so much fitter, she was healthier and her skin looked fantastic. It encouraged me to also look at my diet in detail. I went on an eight-week diet challenge that basically reflected the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and noticed some major health improvements. My asthma went away and I started to run for fitness, something I had never been able to do before. I started to read more about nutrition in my spare time and before long it was something I felt really passionate about. Knowing that my surfing career would one day end, I decided to enrol in a formal study in nutrition and dietetics. It took me five years to qualify, but I have loved doing it."

As a dietitian, what support can you offer?

"I provide nutritional advice, meal planning and education for a range of health conditions, food allergies and food intolerances. With some of the children I work with, and their families, there may be a medical diagnosis however the priority of my interventions is to reduce their fussy eating. This is where diet strategies may also include feeding therapy and food exploration activities to improve their diets to optimise their health and growth, and where necessary supplement their diet with vitamins, minerals and/or complete nutrition drinks."

Why did you choose to work for Windermere?

"It is so important to bring up our children in healthy environments and maximise their chances in life. I witnessed some hugely positive early intervention outcomes with one of my own young children.  So I know how early intervention can truly be life-changing for a young child and their families. There are benefits and advantages of early intervention that last a lifetime."

What interests you outside of Windermere?

"I’ll always love surfing and being near the beach. I also love cooking, getting outdoors and travelling."


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