Molift Raiser gives Peter and Daphnie hope

Posted on: 04/03/2016


At 46 Vivian still lives at home with his parents Peter and Daphnie. That’s because Vivan has cerebral palsy. He is unable to perform everyday tasks, not even being able to stand and sit without their help. Peter and Daphnie have always cared for Vivian and wouldn’t dream of having it any other way however the years of 24/7 care have taken their toll.

In late 2014 Peter underwent back surgery. This, of course, meant he wasn’t able to help Daphnie with Vivian’s standing transfers which is where Windermere stepped in. We arranged for support workers to help Daphnie with Vivian seven days a week. This was a significant change for Peter and Daphnie as they really had managed everything on their own for the last 46 years. But it was only for 12 weeks so without any real alternative, they accepted the help.

Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse when not long after surgery Peter took a fall injuring a different part of his back. Due to his age and complex health concerns, Peter’s specialist told him he would no longer be able to help with his son’s transfers.

At a loss, Peter and Daphnie again sought advice from Windermere. We had Vivian’s standing transfers practice reviewed by an Occupational Therapist who recommended a piece of equipment called a Molift Raiser - a hoist that safely facilitates moving.

With this piece of speciality equipment Vivian would be able to pull himself up by the handles, turn and lower himself into the desired position. Vivian’s parents were hopeful this new piece of equipment would be the answer they longed for but had doubts as to whether their son would understand how to use it.

Vivian surprised everyone. The very first time he used the hoist he stood up with little help and easily lowered himself down rather than dropping. Even though he was a bit wobbly on his feet Daphnie and Peter were so proud of their son, and confident that the Molift Raiser would solve the challenge they were currently facing.

But things got even better. A few short weeks after Vivian began using the hoist, Peter called Vivian’s case manager, Talia. He was ecstatic because Vivian was now able to transfer himself independently. The stability and repetition of the Molift Raiser had helped Vivian to develop the physical and mental pathways required for him to learn.

“We are so thankful to Windermere. Without their support, expertise and guidance we never would have got the Molift Raiser. It has provided our family with such a positive outcome. Vivian now has a small amount of independence and Daphnie and I are so relieved that we can now continue to care for our son in our home - it means the world to us”.

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