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Karthika Neduveli




I have qualifications in social work and counselling methodologies. I’ve worked in many different areas including children’s residential care, hospitals, telehealth, foster care and adoption centres, as well as a school counsellor.  I have provided trauma-informed counselling practices, including creative therapies for children and adults as well as therapeutic support for depression, anxiety and victims of crime.

For nearly ten years, I’ve specialised in the trauma counselling. When I lived in Singapore I was part of the psychosocial trauma support team as well as the crisis and trauma team of a women’s and children’s hospital.  I have also been involved in international voluntary work, training children’s service providers, conducting experiential workshops for children who live with the HIV virus transmitted at birth and supported children of asylum seekers in Israel.

Why Windermere

At Windermere, we specialise in a lot of trauma-related work for survivors of violence and crime, which is a passion of mine. When people find it hard to verbalise what they have gone through, I find different therapeutic ways of expression which are sensory-based, such as sand tray therapy or role play with figurines to support them. Windermere encourages person-centred work, and this is a particular area of interest to me as it empowers survivors in their healing journeys. It inspires me to see human resilience and strength.  

Outside of Windermere

I love yoga. I also enjoy painting and organic gardening.



Posted on: 25/01/2021