Supporting education

We are delighted to give tertiary students an opportunity to gain work experience in their area of study through our Student Unit.

Over the last three years, a number of students have participated in our structured program which includes comprehensive orientation and supervision experiences. The areas of study the students are involved in, include Community and Public Services, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Therapy.

Due to COVID-19 student placements were temporarily suspended from March 2020 for a few months. We are pleased to have been able to adapt the program to an online learning format and welcome students back into our Early Intervention & Therapy Services, Integrated Family Services and Homelessness & Family Violence Support teams.

The students have been meeting weekly online to catch up and receive support from our Student Unit team and broader Windermere staff. We’ve also benefitted from guest speakers from other support organisations including ChildFirst, Legal Aid Victoria, Cranbourne Information & Support Service, Cardinia Youth Services and WAYSS.




Posted on: 25/01/2021