Toilet training success

Many families find toilet training challenging, but there is help available if you need it.

Connor’s mum Amanda recently attended a two part Windermere run sessions designed to assist parents and carers with toilet training. The sessions were held virtually in order to be COVID-safe.

The program was run by Windermere’s early intervention therapists and Occupational Therapists and covered toilet training readiness, and setting up the right environment for success. Occupational Therapists are skilled in anatomy, physiology and the assessment of seating and positioning for successful toileting.

Amanda was keen for young Connor to be using the toilet in time to make a smooth transition to four year old kinder next year.

She was anxious as she had been trying to teach Connor to stay dry and clean for months, with little progress.

After attending the toilet training sessions Amanda decided to try a different tactic with Connor, reduce pressure and follow his lead regarding when he was ready to try the toilet.

She also captured his interest by finding underwear with his favourite character on it.

“Connor’s mum was very proactive. She was very enthusiastic about trying out new strategies and it seems as if this change was just what both Conner and Amanda needed,” says Ricky, Windermere Occupational Therapist.

The “Talking Toileting” sessions, plus individualised follow up consultation, covered many of the steps to toileting readiness. “There are a lot of sensory and physical skills that children need to master before they are ready to use the toilet,” says Ricky. This includes physical skills such as being able to place both feet on the floor and being able to cope with sensory stimulation, such as unexpected cold or noises. “It’s not uncommon for young children to want to only use the toilet in one particular environment that they feel particularly comfortable in,” says Ricky.

The program also discussed ways to keep children engaged and interested in the toilet training process.

“The program was amazing. I definitely learnt so much from the course,” says Amanda.

A fortnight after attending the program Connor had progressed to successfully using the toilet to stay dry and a month down the track can now use the toilet to stay both clean and dry.

Windermere currently offers a range of virtual group programs to support parenting and children’s development. More information can be found here.

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Posted on: 14/01/2021