What does a specialist support coordinator do?

We asked Adriana, Senior Specialist Support Coordinator, to tell us more about specialist support coordinators and how they can help you.

What is specialist support coordination?

Specialist Support Coordinators work with you to coordinate complex support options under the NDIS.  

Specialist Support Coordination is limited to a specific time frame and focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in your support environment.

Essentially Specialist Support Coordination is about achieving clear goals that manage your risks, as well as complexities impacted by your disability.

Who can a specialist support coordinator help?

A specialist support coordinator can assist you to manage any barriers or risks that might affect the supports you need to meet your NDIS goals.  For example, you may be facing homelessness or are involved with other agencies such as the justice system or child protection services. The Specialist Support Coordinator will support you to coordinate and /or link to mainstream or state funded services.

Additionally, a Specialist Support Coordinator can coordinate all your programs and case conferences and ensure all your services and supports are working effectively and cohesively together.

What’s the difference between a Support Coordinator and a Specialist Support Coordinator?

There is some cross over between Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination. You can have a range of support coordination funding in your NDIS plan.  The primary difference is that level 3 funding for Specialist Support Coordination focuses on managing your risks or crisis situation. This provides you with support to assess, identify and implement strategies to support you to meet your goals and mitigate risks.

You can have both Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination funding in your NDIS plan, or only receive funding for Specialist Support Coordination.

Who can apply for Specialist Support Coordination?

A support coordinator, NDIS participant or key stakeholders can request Specialist Support Coordination.  The National Disability Insurance Agency NDIA will then determine whether it is reasonable and necessary to include Specialist Support Coordination funding for Specialist Support Coordination in your NDIS plan.

We also asked Adriana to tell us a little more about her background.

How did you start working in Specialist Support Coordination?

I have worked in the disability industry all my adult life. Initially, my background was in youth work. Fresh out of school I was presented with an opportunity to work in an accommodation setting for young people with disabilities and I have stayed in the disability industry since. I also returned to school part time to increase my knowledge in disability. I am lucky enough to have worked in the NDIS space since the start of the initial NDIS roll out in Barwon. I am passionate about working in this industry and that passion has never changed in the 20 odd years I have been doing it.

When the option to step into a Specialist Support Coordination role presented itself I jumped at it, as I felt it was the perfect next step for me.

What do you enjoy about Specialist Support Coordination?

I am very solution-focused and I love supporting people to identify their needs and implement change.

What have you learnt from the people you work with?

I have learnt to never give up and keep striving for better outcomes. People can be so resilient.  The fighting spirit in those I work with and their ability to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me.

What are your interests outside Windermere?

My husband and I are avid campers. It’s our recharge time, we go out into the outback of our beautiful country with our swags and enjoy nature.


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