Why is reading to children important?

We often get asked, “Why is early reading important?” or "Should I read to my child?"

Reading with young children is often described as one of the most important things you can do as a parent or carer.

There are many benefits to early reading (or reading to young children) including help with literacy development and also enriching life experience, both in childhood and adulthood.

Here's why:

1. Early reading helps to develop early literacy skills

Young children need early literacy skills before they are able to learn to read and write. Early literacy skills includes recognising letters, a basic understanding of language and being able to listen and concentrate. Reading to your pre-schooler helps them develop these essential skills as they become more familiar with written and spoken language.

2. Reading together helps you and your child to bond

Many young children enjoy a story as part of their bedtime routines. It’s also the chance for a cuddle, to unwind and receive some undivided attention from you.

Reading together helps you and your child to develop a bond of trust, love and shared experiences.

3. Children who are read to tend to have better learning outcomes

Children are more likely to enjoy reading as they grow older if they are read to as young children.  In turn, this encourages them to have more enjoyable and effective learning outcomes as they progress through school.

4. Reading to your child helps them to better understand their world

Books provide a great window to the world, to build our knowledge and understanding while stimulating imagination.

Time spent looking at pictures and talking about books and stories also helps your child develop language skills while stimulating their curiosity and interests.

5. Reading helps your child to develop fine motor skills

When toddlers and preschoolers hold a book and turn the pages, they are actually practising fine motor skills. These skills help them to successfully hold a pencil or crayon and form letters when they begin to write.

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Posted on: 25/08/2020