Posted on: 10/02/2019

Why Windermere’s Family Day Care Educators enjoy guaranteed pay


While some Family Day Care Educators missed out on weeks of pay following the introduction of the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) last year, it was business as usual for Windermere’s Family Day Care Educators.

The CCS System was introduced in July 2018 and was designed to be fairer and simpler. But in the weeks after it was introduced many Family Day Care educators did not receive payments they were entitled to or were paid incorrectly.

“We were aware of teething problems with the CCS transition which were resulting in educators not receiving their correct entitlements. So we continued our Educator’s fortnightly payments regardless of what CCS we received until the problems were resolved,” says Karlie Owen, Windermere Manager Early Childhood Education and Care Services.

Danielle Williamson has been operating her Family Day Care business under the Windermere umbrella for many years. She says the introduction of the CCS had little impact on her or her families.

“The stand out thing to me is that Windermere chose to pay us regardless of what was happening,” she says.

Under the Windermere Family Day Care model both educators and Windermere can get on and do what they do best. Windermere handles payment and invoicing matters on behalf of its Family Day Care Educators. In turn the Educators focus on providing high quality care for the children in their charge.

“I may be self employed and contracted to Windermere but I am paid consistently and regularly. I don't have the worry of feeling I need to chase up payments from clients at all,” says Danielle.

Windermere also facilitates professional development and provides ongoing resources and support for educators.

“We work closely with our educators so they can provide the best possible care and education to their children,” says Karlie.

Danielle says this support has been particularly invaluable to her at unexpected times. “There have been a few unplanned situations where I have needed a staff member immediately and Windermere have managed this beautifully, professionally and within a timely manner.”

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