Windermere makes a splash for MND

On 1 September, the Disability Services Team took up the global ice bucket challenge to raise money and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease, a degenerative neurological condition that impacts all the motor nerves in the body, usually leading to death within three years of diagnosis.  It's a cause close to our heart - our disability services team often works with clients with the incurable disease and see first hand the impact it has on victims and their families.

A total of 17 staff participated in the challenge, including Julie Knowles, Family Health and Wellbeing Manager.  "The MND Association has worked closely with our disability team on any occasions, often providing equipment from their libraries, sharing the cost of respite as well as generally sharing their expertise with our team", Julie said.

The Ice Bucket Challenge requires people to pour a bucket of ice water over their head and donate money to MND before nominating others to do the same.  The 'frozen' sensation of icy water is meant to parallel the state of immobility MND patients endure.  Dr Lynette Buoy, CEO also braved the icy conditions.  "If we can try to understand and emulate even the tiniest amount of an MND victim's pain and experience in order to help and drive awareness, then that's a really great thing for the team to be involved in", she said.

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